Here are all the rules and policies that MUST be followed. If they are not, an Administrator may be issued to ensure that users do. We have this policy because we want to maintain order on Rampage Brawl Wiki.


Contributing is possibly one of the most important things on a Wikia. It is how a Wiki becomes larger and more resourceful.

  • When creating a brawl, users must be be very specific about each monster's statistics, including an Overview, Origin, Melee Combat, Strengths, Weaknesses and Additional Info. This may be seen to by Administrators. Users may find it helpful to read information from Rampage Wiki for liable information about each monster.
  • Users will NOT add their personal accounts on the actual article itself. To give their account, they must tell it through posting a comment on a selected article, creating a Blog Post detailing what they think would happen or create a thread in the Forum detailing their opinion. That way there are no jumbles or mix-ups (and no incredibly long, hard-to-read articles!).
  • Users will ensure that spelling and grammar is in check, otherwise they might not be understood by other users. Worse still, they might think they're an idiot, and we wouldn't want that would we?
  • Every user who does contribute to an article in any way, shape or form MUST add categories to the article. If the article is about a brawl, add "Brawl" to the category section. If the article is about a monster or monsters, add "Monsters", ectetera.
  • Fan monsters are NOT to be used on this Rampage-related wiki, only confirmed and/or existing monsters. If users wish to create or use custom monsters, they must do so on Rampage Fanon Wiki.
  • Contributed content that is considered illict (E.G. swearing, bad language, disturbing content, discrimination or pornographic material) shall be removed by an Administrator. The user/users will be given a warning, but if the user/users continue to do so, they shall be blocked from contributing to this Wiki for a period of time (depending upon severity of incident).

Social and Behavioural Standards

It is much better if everybody gets along. No squabbles or quarreling; the world would be a much better place.

  • When users "argue" which monster they think would win in a brawl, they shall keep any aggressive thoughts to a minimum and make it more of a friendly discussion. Unorthodox behaviour could result in the user/users being blocked.
  • Users will accept other's opinions and thoughts regarding brawls.
  • When users create or join a chat, they will be courteous and informative to one another. If users show any aggressive or discriminative behaviour, a Chat Moderator will be issued to resolve conflict or eradicate the social enigma.

More rules and policies will probably be added in the nearby future; you shall be informed if there is. Thank you sincerely for reading and abiding them.