A ultimate alien smackdown, vote who wins this battle of galactic proportions! 



Noobus is a black Myukus Alien specie,He made his debut in Rampage Universal tour.He is a special monster who is not technically rescuable =/,However he is a cheat code monster.He has low stats for is buff looking body.He can use a weaker/nerfed version of Myukus's Eye blast.


He is a cheat code monster,But it could be assumed he was apart of a squad of aliens with Myukus and Puocos.They may have been treated like slaves,which made them join the monsters.

He is not a monster but a alien.



  • He is able to pluck out his eye and use it as a bomb.
  • He is probably harder to see at night or space due his black hue.


  • He is a little weaker than Myukus but still a formidable fighter.But stronger monsters like Bubba or nick would likely take him down easier.
  • His big eye might leave him vulnerable to bieng poked or punched in the eye.

Additional infoEdit

  • He has a sort tail,and a protruding spine.
  • He is buff for a alien.



He is a fat,purple alien with bat like ears he appeared in Rampage:Total Destruction.


It is unknownif he really is a alien or monster, but its likely hes a monster.



  • He has large ears that helps him hear sounds normal monsters cant hear.
  • He is able to Endure more beatings due to his Fat protecting him.


  • He is a bit slow making him vulnerable.
  • Loud sounds give him headaches,due to his sensitive ears.

Additional infoEdit

He has a purple hue to show his alieness.


Noobus is swift and light,Edwin is slow but stong.

Who wins this universal brawl? the decision is in your hands!

How can you decide the victor?Edit

  • Tell us who you think would win in the comment section below.
  • Write a story in the blogs.
  • Join the forums and give your personel account.
  • And remember no arguements.

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