The Brawl George vs Philbert was first created by Devil Hulk.

George the Ape vs Philbert the Ungulate is a brawl between two monsters. George is a veteran monster that has appeared in every Rampage game to date and Philbert made his first debut in Rampage: Total Destruction.



George is an Ape monster. He is a veteran and has had average stats throughout each Rampage game (excluding Rampage and Rampage: World Tour). He is known for having an excellent climbing ability.


In Rampage and Rampage: World Tour, he was a Scumlabs employee, that was mutated into a giant Ape due to an explosion caused in a lab at Salt Lake City.

In Rampage: Total Destruction, he was a middle-aged man who participated in a taste-testing trial of Scumlab's latest product: Scum Soda. This fizzy drink had an adverse effect upon him, transforming him into a giant Ape.




  • As stated earlier, he has an excellent climbing ability, not only being able to scale buildings quicker than regular monsters but racks up evasion and maneuverment tactics.
  • George's favourite food is bananas. In fact, he gains a health boost from eating bananas. Eating fruit and vegetables in general also adds an ever so slight health boost.
  • Apes are omnivores, so George can eat either meat or veg, gaining a decent health bost either way.
  • Being a typical King Kong-esque monster, George is not only considered a protagonist of the Rampage series but other monsters see him as a naturally born leader, much as they see Lizzie and Ralph also. As opposed to fighting his mutant peers he tries to consider a more friendly and tactile approach.
  • George, by far, has had the most experience during his monsterhood; smashing cities, destroying military unites and shutting down Scumlabs more times than he could count. Rookie monsters couldn't possibly overthrow him.


  • Being an Ape, his intelligence is nowhere as close to when he was a scientist.

Additional Info:Edit

  • George's appearance and origin has changed throughout each game.



Philbert is an Ungulate monster. In Rampage: Total Destruction he is a special monster, unlocked in the competitive multiplayer mode by both players having a par (tying) score. His stats are the poorest in the entire game.


Little is actually known about Philbert's origin. What we can gather from it is he also drank Scum Soda, thus transforming him into an Ungulate monster.


Philbert was rendered misanthropic due to his hideous transformation; he hates humans with a passion, though it is unknown whether or not his agression is the same towards other monsters, considering they were once humans.


  • Philbert is actually quite nimble for his size.
  • Despite Philbert is the weakest monster in the Rampage: Total Destruction, he is consistantly angry and hateful, causing his Special Meter to fill twice as fast as any other monster and Rampage Mode to last twice as long.
  • Being enraged all the time makes Philbert assertive and hostile, truely making him a force to be reckoned with.
  • Philbert is in fact part Goat (another Ungulate), which means he could eat anything dangerous or toxic without harming himself in the process. Some substances he may even gain a health boost from.
  • His fingers are tipped with sharp claws, which are used to scratch and swipe his opponents in a blind rage.
  • His large, Ram-like horns are utilized to charge into his enemies or to clear a path for himself if there are any obstacles in his wake.
  • Philbert has a tail. He uses this for balance and defence.


  • Most obvious, he has the lowest stats in Rampage: Total Destuction.

Additional info:Edit

  • An Ungulate is in fact a species of animal, meaning Philbert the Ungulate isn't just "an" Ungulate but a mixture of different odd-toed mammals.


How can YOU decide the Victor?Edit

  • Tell us who you think would win in the comments section below.
  • Write a blog post that either tells your story of how the brawl would go.
  • Join the forums and give your personal account.

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